The Symbol of the Mermaid – Copenhagen, Denmark

Probably not many of you know that the mermaid is an ancient symbol of fertility and youth.  It’s clear that there are early European drawings of many mermaid type figures along with many stories of fertility, sexuality and alchemy.  The image of the mermaid was known as Melusine which in the early days was portrayed… Continue reading The Symbol of the Mermaid – Copenhagen, Denmark

Why Is Easter Earlier Than Passover This Year?

  Before answering this question, we all need to understand that Easter and Passover are two individual holidays.  Since they are different, then it is normal for them to have two different dates.  Most of the time these holidays are extremely close to each other, but there are some years that these will be on… Continue reading Why Is Easter Earlier Than Passover This Year?

4 Questions About God That Everyone Asks

We all have questions concerning God, heaven and hell.  Some of us wonder if God even exists.  Who is God and why we are who we are?  I want to present you with 4 questions that are asked or thrown at Christians at least once during their lifetimes and 4 answers/analogies that will open your… Continue reading 4 Questions About God That Everyone Asks

The Origins of Passover and Easter

As a child I believed (as a child does) that all I was told was true — traditions, holidays, what have you.  Generation after generation we are taught, and later teach our children the very same ideas and traditions that are blindly passed down.  The same applies to the holiday that most of the western… Continue reading The Origins of Passover and Easter

Saint Patrick’s Day

Today, March 17, people celebrate another manmade holiday which serves for many as a party and yet another reason to get drunk. While everyone wears their green, I’m pretty sure that the majority of people have no idea where this holiday originated from or can recognize who Saint Patrick actually was. If you do not… Continue reading Saint Patrick’s Day

Friday the 13th

Man made traditions are deeply rooted into our lives and culture.  For some reason people love them more than the voice of reason or better stated – the Holy Spirit.  Friday the 13th is yet another famous superstition to be worshiped by many folks around the world. Let me explain briefly the origins of this… Continue reading Friday the 13th