The Symbol of the Mermaid – Copenhagen, Denmark

Probably not many of you know that the mermaid is an ancient symbol of fertility and youth.  It’s clear that there are early European drawings of many mermaid type figures along with many stories of fertility, sexuality and alchemy.  The image of the mermaid was known as Melusine which in the early days was portrayed also as Eostre(Easter) in Northern European cultures.  Many companies associate themselves with this “patron” – for example Starbucks Coffee.  Many cities (including my home city of Warsaw) surround themselves with legends about the relationship between man and the mermaid/siren.  The similarities to the pagan goddess Ishtar/Semiramis are shocking.  Many times Melusine wears a crown as if she is a queen.  Sometimes she is written as being the queen of rivers and streams. Ishtar was known as the “queen of heaven” (Jeremiah 7:18 and 44:17-25).   The Babylonian Semiramis came down to earth after death, reincarnated as Ishtar landing inside of her golden egg in the RIVER (river, many times represents people/nation) Euphrates.  Ishtar was known as a goddess of fertility and those who fell in love with her were usually lulled into a trap and killed.  It’s the same with the mermaid and siren legends today. 

In the biblical scriptures, YHVH (God) is angry with people, who worship the queen of heaven.  If you read not only scriptures like Jeremiah but many other writings in the Tanakh (Old Testament), you will notice that idolatry towards any god (or in this case a goddess) is portrayed as doing evil in YHVH’s sight.  Many nations replaced love for YHVH with the love for mermaids, obelisks, sun god statues, etc.  Throughout history, people have placed pagan symbols that YHVH hates on their country flags, logos, and even on their bodies. 

I know that this may seem like an exaggeration, but to finish this small post I’ll quote one my favorite teachers. 

“People accuse me of making these things up. Yet they won’t do their own research for themselves. Instead they run to the nearest pastor or “Christian” apologetic website to reaffirm themselves before coming back to tell you how wrong and misguided you are. Christianity is so steeped in this culture that any pastor or ministry that admits the pagan origins of these things is doomed to the unemployment line and so its very hard for someone to see error when their wallet is depending on them NOT seeing the error. The same can be said about pride.” – Zachary Bauer


4 thoughts on “The Symbol of the Mermaid – Copenhagen, Denmark

  1. If the state of Denmark fires the pastor, for exposing paganism (Ishtar, Odin, Frigg, and Freya) in the land. Then world wide Christian/Jewish believing congregations, should hire you, with their money. Millions more in money, anyway. Paganism needs to be thrown out of Danish society. It is so strong there, in sex practices ! Satan has a thrown there, and has long had it’s rutes there. Also, if that doesn’t work, then it is time to go underground, and expose, that way .

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  2. Thanks for the comment. You’re right and unfortunately paganism is everywhere in the world. Many times occultist hiding their symbols into what’s in the fashion now, regardless if these are movies, clothes, logos etc. The mark of the beast is everywhere, but only those who really want to see it, will reject it. It’s sounds silly but wearing a T-shirt with logo of whatever pagan symbol it is, it’s the same as you would put it directly on your body. Hundreds of years ago there was no T-shirt’s with logos, etc. but whenever any warrior or soldier would go fight, he would paint his body with markings as a protection and encouragement. Even though we’re not going to war, but by wearing those symbols everyday, people mark themselves with symbolism without understanding what it means. It’s so sad.


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