“God’s Not Dead” – The movie.

God's Not Dead
Though this blog is about symbols around us, I guess in someway movies are symbolic as well if you think about it.  Lets get into it. 
I cannot express to you how happy I was to see this movie last night.  It is a rarity to see movie on a cruise ship’s channel that is not against God or Christians; not about zombies, vampires, sex, murder, superheroes, etc.  I personally think that this is not the fault of the cruise line, but society that is so crazy sick about these subjects.  Cruise lines or other related businesses like hotels, airlines, etc. need to keep the clientele happy so they attempt to screen the newest cinema releases.  Since its a newbie, I am glad this movie was chosen to be a part of the TV schedule for this cruise and many more to come.  
I personally believe that many who see this movie will wake up from the matrix against God and realize the lie that we have all been fed by the prince of this world.
While some of you may think that this movie is cheesy at certain points, I think that by the end of it you may change your mind about God and what is being taught in schools today.  Unfortunately, the war of creation versus evolution will continue as long as this world exists…  Or will it?  The choice is yours folks.  You are the ones who have to decide and choose.  I wouldn’t trust the schooling system or any system for that matter, because its a man made system.  Dig into the knowledge on your own, but remember to always research the information form both sides.  Flip the coin and see what’s on the other side.  Dig, dig, dig and always be open to new information coming through your senses.  
Enjoy the movie and spread the word!

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