The Ice Bucket Challenge — A ritual from the past

Ice Bucket Challenge
Recently more and more sources have been writing about the Ice Bucket Challenge being a fraud.  There is more interesting news about it that has surfaced on the internet in the past few weeks.  Did you know that by taking this challenge —  if you are giving money at all —  you are supporting a “charity” that experiments on human embryos and only 7% of your donations go to the research itself?  It is not well advertised that ALS funding goes towards Embryonic Stem Cell Research as well.
To put it simply, by donating and participating in the Ice Bucket Challenge you are condoning experiments on human embryos!
What is an Embryonic Stem Cell? 
These two quotes come from opposing as well as supportive sides of the debate and their descriptions:

“To obtain embryonic stem cells, the early embryo has to be destroyed. This means destroying a potential human life. But embryonic stem cell research could lead to the discovery of new medical treatments that would alleviate the suffering of many people. So which moral principle should have the upper hand in this situation? The answer hinges on how we view the embryo. Does it have the status of a person?”

“All the human embryonic stem cell lines currently in use come from four to five day old embryos left over from in vitro fertilization (IVF). In in vitro fertilization, researchers mix a man’s sperm and a woman’s eggs together in a lab dish. Some of those eggs become fertilized and begin developing. At about five days the egg has divided to become a hollow ball of roughly 100 cells called a blastocyst which is smaller than the size of the dot over an “i”. It is these very early embryos that are implanted into the woman in the hopes that she becomes pregnant.” –
Lets look at another situation regarding this Challenge….
It is not anything new to find that satan often counterfeit’s God’s ways, symbols, and laws and twists them to lure the unaware into something dark. 
I encourage you with all my heart to click on the link below to read this article.  This should be read by everyone, especially Christians who want to do something good for this cause, but not knowing that the IBC mimics satanic ritual.
“…the good friend mentioned that an ex-satanist friend said that this is the very same ritual he did when he was a satanist and was like the covenant contract with the devil.”  — MaxResistance
Think this is just a coincidence?  Read the full article and your doubts will vanish very quickly.
On another note, if you really want to help charities, I urge you to  get personally involved in missions or sending money, clothing, food supplies, etc. to peoples in need.  There is want all around us and its easier then you think.  
Mark 14:7
For you always have the poor with you, and whenever you want, you can do good for them…” 
Give and give abundantly, just please research first where your gifts of any kind go to, and what the organization does behind closed doors.  
photo 1
Special thanks to MaxResistance for a great article. 

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