The Meaning of the Hamas symbol and “miraculous missiles” reported over Israel

Hamas Logo

A few hours ago “miraculous missiles” were reported in Israel.  I would like to describe the symbol of the organization Hamas and share these two articles on what kind of miracles the people of Israel are talking about, and what the word Hamas really means.

The Hamas symbol
As we can see, there is a shape of the Israeli map at the top of the Hamas symbol.  All of the symbols and wording underneath it is focused towards the country.  The phrase on the flag on the right means – “There is no god but Allah.”  The flag on the left states – “Muhammad is the messenger of Allah”.  Below the swords is the word “Palestine.”  The phrase on the green ribbon means – “Islamic Resistance Movement—Hamas.”   In the middle there is an image of the “Dome of the Rock”, that is by the way built in the place of the Jewish Temple of God in Jerusalem.  Swords represent the power of Islam, and since they point upwards, it signifies that they are ready to fight.

I encourage you to look into these articles to find out more about what kind of miracles have  happened in Israel the last few hours and how prophetic the word “hamas” really is.

Missile Miracles –

Hamas” meaning –

Thanks to Mad World News and Glenn Kay.


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